An increasing number of successful real estate investors in Berlin indicates that the German property market represents exceptional value.

As an effect of Germany's lengthy recession and specific Berlin city economic troubles through the past 10 years the property market is undervalued at the lowest level since the German Reunification.

BerlinReal GmbH is the Friedrichshain based real estate consultancy business to offer a "zero-hassle investment transaction", share our market expertise and analytical approach to provide professional advice on accessing the most lucrative deal in Berlin.

We are happy to discuss with you any of the following questions and more:

  • What costs are associated with your purchase?
  • Who manages the property?
  • What are running costs?
  • Can I get access to an apartment that is rented out?
  • What is the position about getting finance in Germany
  • What rental return can I expect?
  • How do rents increase
  • How do I judge an investment opportunity?
  • Let us lead you through the purchase process step-by-step